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Venison Box

Venison Box

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For a limited time, enjoy these novelty venison boxes! Utilizing locally sourced venison, we are loving supporting our community and making these rarer treats as well. Venison is naturally significantly furrier than our beef hide, so it's perfect for those pups that enjoy the wild side!

Venison is a low fat protein, and is rich in several different vitamins and minerals including zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, & omega 3 fatty acids. Compared to beef venison contains higher percentages of protein as well as the previously mentioned vitamins & minerals making it an excellent choice for dogs looking to loose weight who still want to enjoy a healthy snack.

Venison is also considered a safer protein for dogs with allergies as it's one they are less likely to have been exposed to often. We would like to caution that our venison is processed in the same facilities as our beef and while we do attempt to keep the two separate, please be cautious if your dog has severe allergies to beef products.

This box includes:

  • 1 Venison hide braid
  • 1 large bag of venison meat chunks


All of our products are "farm to table" if you will, meaning that we do not add anything to unnaturally alter or preserve our products. This means that they are shelf stable for a period of about 3-6 months, but please always inspect products before feeding to your dog. We pride ourselves on providing the most natural treats possible!

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