Meet the Pack

Meet the people (and dogs) behind Primitive Prey...


Primitive Prey started as a phone call that went something like this.. "Hey, you think we could sell duck feet?" After duck feet came a relationship with a local beef farm, and from beef we are exploring lots of other protein options.

We wanted to start a company that values natural products, and provides safe chews for all sorts of dogs that have never touched chemicals. There are no preservatives in our shelf stable dehydrated treats, just how our dogs like it.

Before we ever thought about selling to the public though, these are the dogs that we wanted to spoil originally... Meet our pack!


The O.G. Cerin

As our oldest, Cerin gets privileges like no other. He is the sweetest boy who will bark at you very loudly upon first meeting, and then proceed to ask for all the love you have to give. Being the old man comes with perks, mostly lots of medium to light chews to keep his old man teeth healthy and clean. He doesn't mind though.


The Werewolf, Lucian

Lu is our most accomplished dog of the group, being a certified narcotics detection dog, a decorated dock diver, not to mention a model for dog gear. He thinks using his favorite trick "sit pretty" will get him snacks anytime or anywhere. He's not wrong.


The Princess, Karma

As the matriarch, Karma demands respect & love. She is usually convinced that everything belongs to her, loves long bike rides with her dad, and spends her lazy days observing the neighborhood from the back of our couch, barking at anyone that dares to walk in our neighborhood.



The Dingus, Blue Dog

Think of Blue as the average college frat guy, and you'd be about right. It takes about 17 tries on average to get something 
through his thick skull, but once he does he is an unstoppable force. Fun fact, teaching Blue how to catch a tossed treat took several months of practice and lots of hilarious mishaps.






The Kangaroo, Ice

Icicle spends her days channeling her spirit animal, the kangaroo, and quite literally jumps everywhere she goes. Her theme song is Jump Around, or Ice Ice Baby, depending on the day. I'm pretty sure if she ever stopped moving she might spontaneously combust, and as the youngest she takes pride in annoying every other dog as much as possible.


Thanks for reading! We love our heathens like no others, and keeping them happy and healthy is our foremost goal with this company. Your purchase quite literally goes to feed a hungry belly, they always get portions to taste test on days that we cut meat!